Upcoming Shows

The spring/summer season is gearing up and will be a great one at that. We have a wide variety of artists showing in our gallery this season.  There's never a dull moment out here at the Dogseye Gallery.  Check out our upcoming shows!


March 10th, 2017             "Adventures in Aliceland" - Tawni Bates

Tawni Bates is an author/doodlist who has recently finished a huge project and can't wait to share it with the Dogseye Gallery.  Over 300 pictures drawn from the discography of Alice Cooper. The demented, yet tongue-and-cheek lyrics of Alice Cooper are the perfect musical landscape for Tawni's demented, yet childlike drawings. 

IMG_20161102_194141 copy.jpg

May 5th, 2017                            First Annual Dogseye Gallery Mug Show

The Eye of the Dog Art Center's gallery, The Dogseye Gallery, is putting on its first annual mug show.  The goal for this show is to showcase the wide variety of designs that can be used in making drinking vessels.  The Dogseye gallery is elated to have so many different mugs gracing it's presence.


June 2nd, 2017             Diana Kersey Opening

Diana Kersey is a visual artist who works in clay, creating both studio pottery and architectural ceramics. Her work possesses a raw, textural quality, with the clay encompassed in a translucent, earthy glaze. The birds, insects, fish, and flowers present in her work suggest a primordial narrative, while the underlying decorative grids and motifs capture the relentless energy, complexity, and contradictions that pulse through our contemporary society.